War Stories
Consider gathering your World War II memories into an illustrated book. Tell me your war stories; show me your photographs and letters, let me photograph your uniform, your medals, your memorabilia. We can share your story as simply or elaborately as you wish.
Personal Memoirs
Help me record the stories of your life in a casual, comfortable setting, and Iíll weave it into professionally penned narrative intertwining your exact words with background material and images. Or write your own memoir. I can edit and organize it; illustrate it, and have it printed and bound for posterity.
Business Writing
Provide me with bullet points and explanations; I can organize your information into a logical business document. Or write your rough draft and I can edit it to make your writing crisp and correct. Brochures, website copy, newsletter articles are all in my realm. My business writing style is most often seen in the Massillon Area Chamber of Commerce newsletter, which I edit.
Publicity and Media Campaigns
I enjoy plotting publicity campaigns. Together we can devise a plan to promote your event or your new product. I can develop media lists then issue releases and press kits to grip and hold their attention. I perform these duties regularly as the Massillon Museumís public relations coordinator. Iíve been asked to present workshops to help others plot media campaigns and write effective releasesómost recently the Ohio Museumís Association, the Canton/Stark County Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Ohio Tourism Association.
Creative Writing and Drama
Need to add a little creativity? Iíve written history-based dramatic monologues for the Massillon Museumís Big Read and for Massillonís birthday celebration, RezzyFest. I introduced some full-fledged fiction in the book I co-authored, Back Doors.